Sprinkler System Repairs

Don't Ignore a Broken Sprinkler System

Get sprinkler system repair services in Amarillo, TX

If you're dealing with a broken sprinkler system, Wise Guys Landscaping is the company to call. We provide sprinkler system repair services in Hereford and Amarillo, TX. We'll get your system up and running like new without any leaks or issues.

When you call us, you can expect our sprinkler technician to provide an efficient solution to your sprinkler issues. Reach out to us today to ask about our sprinkler system repair services.

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Don't let sprinkler issues get you down

Sprinkler system repairs are our specialty. Whether you want to conserve water or troubleshoot sprinkler issues, we've got you covered. We can:

  • Locate and repair valves
  • Replace or refurbish valves
  • Fix pipe leaks
  • Repair electrical connections

We can fix any issue that your system throws at you. Call us today at 806-346-4008 now to ask about sprinkler system repair services.

5 signs your sprinkler needs to be repaired

Don't let your grass wither and die in the Texas heat. If you have a faulty sprinkler on your hands, reach out to Wise Guys Landscaping in Amarillo, TX. We'll quickly and accurately repair your system.

Are you unsure if you need our sprinkler system repair services? Contact us if you notice any these five warning signs:

1. High water bills
2. Uneven watering
3. Loss of pressure
4. Dripping control valves
5. Sputtering sprinkler heads

Do you want to learn more about our sprinkler system repair process? You can reach out to us by calling 806-346-4008 now.